OUR apartment is up on the third floor with a palm tree blowing into our window every time we open it. It is a 2 bed/2 bath with about 900 sq feet. It is nice but its definitely not the luxury you might equate with Costa Rican.

Every Monday is Preparation day – p-day for short – and we can clean it top to bottom in about 45 minutes!! Not bad, but we’ve had a lot of practice in life skills.:-)

The young missionaries are supposed to clean their apartments every p-day too. However, some missionaries have a tendency to play on their p-day rather than prepare. And that neglect often leads to unhealthy living conditions.

That’s why we have apartment videos!

Every six weeks, missionaries have to make and send a video of key locations in their apartments. Then, they send their video to a Senior Missionary couple.

We review the videos and make cleaning suggestions until all the apartments pass the video cleaning inspection. When all the apartments are cleared, we have a mission-wide ZOOM call where President Cates announces new mission assignments, new trainer assignments, and move and housing changes. It is always a very exciting time!

Apartment inspections ensure that no one inherits a dirty kitchen. That way, EVERYONE can focus on the Christ, have hope in their hearts, and keep a smile on their face!

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