On multiple occasions in the New Testament, Jesus describes Himself as the “Light of the World”. In D&C 10:70, he describes Himself as “the Light and Life of the World”. Isaiah, of the Old Testament, urged the house of Jacob to “walk in the Light of the Lord.” And, in the Book of Mormon, Jesus Christ declared that “(I) will be a light unto them forever, that hear my words.”

As Jesus Christ taught about His divinity and our relationship to Him, he repeatedly described himself as Light.

Recently, I watched a movie based on the memoirs of Stan Ulam, a brilliant mathematician. In the movie, he explains the theory of relativity in simple terms.

“Could you imagine that nobody else is in this room, and that we are the only two planets in the universe? Nothing is certain then because there are no fixed points. Everything you say is true from the perspective of your planet, and everything I say is true from the perspective of mine.

The only thing we know for sure is that the speed of light is the same everywhere and for everyone.

Attributed to Stan Ulam in Adventures of a Mathematician.

Light. The one constant phenomenon in the known physical universe.

Jesus Christ. The Light of the World and the one true constant in our spiritual lives. By His light we can discern what is good, make choices that engender spiritual growth, and lead joyful lives. As we focus on Jesus Christ and His teachings, our own thoughts, behaviors, and desires will align with His and we will truly be the disciples of Christ.

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