Young Adult Rally

Steve and I were invited to speak at a Young Adult Rally. The rally was in four parts -Spiritual, Academic, Occupation, and Mission. They invited us to talk about our mission and the blessings we’ve received in being a part of Heavenly Father’s Gathering of Israel.

I spoke about one young Elder Huezo who had just returned home to El Salvador. He had attended two years of English Connect language training while he served his mission. Right before he left the mission he took an English test on his mission portal page. His results were so good that he was accepted into BYU Pathways and he received a 25% discount on his registration fees. He was very excited!

It is very rewarding for Steve and I to be involved in English Connect because in the short time we’ve been on a mission we have seen the good English language can do for returned missionaries. They receive better jobs with better pay. They have more opportunity for education. They are increasing their talents and their lives are blessed with hope for the future. It is amazing to watch!

There is always alot going on in the mission!

We Love Our Mission!

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