Some days are just like that…

I’d like to say that every day of the mission is golden. I’d like to say it… but it isn’t true. Partly because we’re human and we’re not 100% golden all the time, and partly because life is night and day, good and bad. Darkness defines the light so we know without a doubt when we’re having a difficult, dark day.

MONDAY was like that. I had made Visa appointments for 6 missionaries. They came with their companions, some of them traveling from as far away as Liberia – a 4-5 hour bus ride – but most came via a 40 minute car ride.

We went to our VISA appointments on Monday but were refused due to system malfunction.

We were told to return on Wednesday, and without complaint, all of the missionaries returned again on Wednesday where we were again rejected!! I turned to the missionaries expecting words of frustration and disappointment. Instead, I was met with smiles, assurances, and encouragement.

Surprised by such genuine kindness, I reflected on it and wondered. I believe that these missionaries are so focussed on the Savior and His work that His goodness is molding their character. They are also well taught by the example of our mission president and his family. With 6 children, President and Sister Cates have a busy personal life. Add 135 young missionaries to the mix and it can be downright chaotic!

And yet, in the midst of all the interruptions I have never heard an impatient, frustrated, or unkind word. Not from President Cates, Sister Cates or any of the missionaries. Their focus on the Savior is reflected in their daily lives, and this focus allows them to reflect the Light of Christ and His goodness in all their actions.

“Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.” 

St Francis of Assissi

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